Our practice is limited to immigration and naturalization law.

We have over 25 practice years of experience in a wide variety of immigration cases, including:

Work Based Non-Immigrant Visas
H1-B Visas (Skilled Workers)
H2-B Visas (Seasonal Workers)
E Visas (Treaty Investors)
L Visas (Intra-company Transfers)
O Visas (Extraordinary Ability)
P Visas (Athletic or Artist Performance)
R-1 Visas (Religious Workers)
TN Visas (Trade NAFTA)
Schedule A Aliens
Outstanding Professor or Researcher Visas
A variety of vocation-specific visas

Family Based Non-Immigrant Visas
Fiancé Visas
Family Unity Visas
Visitor Visas

Other Cases
U Visas (Victims of Qualifying Crime)
Diversity Lottery Visas
Temporary Protected Status
Marriage Petitions
National Interest Waivers
Unlawful Presence Waivers

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